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About Us

Qingdao Hiking Industry Co., Ltd is specialized in medical products machinery. we are professional in absorbent cotton and gauze related machinery. During years development, We have become the expert of this field in china. We can help our customers build the full line from A to Z.   11

Main products:
1-      absorbent cotton production line
2-      cotton ball machine
3-      cotton pad machine
4-      cotton bandage machine
5-      cotton swab machine
6-      cotton roll machine
7-      absorbent cotton roll machine
8-      make-up remover machine
9-      zigzag cotton machine
10-   dental cotton roll machine
11-   gauze swab folding machine
12-   gauze slitting machine
13-   gauze folding machine
14-   lap sponges folding machine
15-   alcohol swab machine
16-   gauze bandage machine
17-   bandage coreless rewinding machine
18-   burn dressing machine
19-   emergency survival sheet folding machine

20-   gauze swab packaging machine
21-   blister packaging machine
22-   pillow type packaging machine
23-   plaster of paris bandage machine
24-   face mask machine
25-  eye pad machine

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